At least buy me a drink first


You’d think in this age of processing power we could ditch surveying people with prepopulated questions to figure out how to improve products.

Take this example from AirBNB. I have yet to use the service. I have only been browsing. I received an email soliciting feedback and the first question is “How likely would I recommend them?”


First of all, isn’t it a little too early to ask? We haven’t even slept together. Second, isn’t the point of this survey to figure that out holistically?

Don’t get me wrong I’m not singling them out as a bad customer experience. It just happens that I received this email and it triggered this post.

By now, somebody should be asking for ideas via free form text. Even though I haven’t converted to a paying customer, I still think I have some useful feedback. For example, I couldn’t find a way to share the list of places I flagged with my wife. That may be deliberate, or it could be an overlooked feature.

I’m just saying that surveys feel kind of icky to a customer because it feels like you’re leading the jury not looking for insights.

Thank you everyone


As of October 1, 2013, Idea Momentum is no longer a UX Consultancy. After 13 years in Chicago, I have decided it’s time to return to the Bay Area and chase whatever we’re calling this next wave. Leaving town and closing shop is bittersweet (mostly sweet), but I’m better for being here.

I would like to thank all my clients and past employees for making this such an exciting experience. It was a fun, and sometimes bumpy ride. 

Feel free to leave a comment or email me. Meantime, this site will most likely be the home to an intermittent blog.

Brian Maggi
President, Idea Momentum, Inc,